Build on Your Lot Testimonial:

"We are incredibly happy with our decision to go with Castle Rock for our "Build on your own lot" home. Andrea and Art have been wonderful to work with throughout the entire process, from the selection of the plan, to the designing process/ design center, and construction. They were both incredibly professional during the entire process. They were both very responsive to emails/ calls/ texts at any time. Our home was built in about 90 days! That was absolutely impressive... Art did a phenomenal job coordinating all of the contractors. My husband and I visited the home daily, and were simply impressed on the daily progress... One of the things that really stood out was both of their engagement throughout the process and ensuring that our satisfaction was met. Another thing that I would like to share was a conversation that I had with Art in which I shared with him that my husband and I would stop by the house daily and that I would take daily progress pictures... I shared my challenge after the time change with the "Daylight savings time" and that I wasn't able to log the progress in pictures due to it being dark when we would stop by in the evenings...After that conversation, Art began to send me daytime pictures of the progress to add to my collection... This just goes to show the level of service that we received that simply exceed our expectation in every way possible." - Raynario Rueda & Pebbles Alvarez